We take great pride in the ensuring quality of Genesis Trailers, with many trailers from 2001 still in active service today. These trailers often accompany used boat sales, and if you're considering purchasing a used boat, it's crucial to inquire with the seller about documentation associated with the trailer. Specifically, ask for proof of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Having the VIN makes the trailer registration process significantly easier, should it be required in your state. If the VIN is not available, your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will handle the trailer registration process.

The registration process can vary in simplicity, depending on factors such as providing the trailer's weight. In some cases, it may involve a more complex bonding process, which requires a monetary deposit and the trailer to remain unused until the DMV completes reasonable measures to ensure it is not stolen. Your DMV will guide you through the appropriate steps and requirements.

Where is my Vin?

Genesis Trailers is proud to include two decals for identification purposes on our trailers. Both decals can be found on the tongue just inside the a-frame. These decals display a 17-digit number and should state it is a Genesis Trailer.

Over time, environmental elements such as UV rays, exposure to salty or acidic water, and temperature changes can affect the readability of VIN decals. After years of exposure, the decals may not be fully legible. If this is the case, we recommend checking your purchase receipts and records, as the VIN should be documented somewhere within your records. If you do not have the VIN in your records, we suggest contacting the previous owner, particularly if you are not the original purchaser of the trailer.

In the event that you are not able to locate the VIN on the trailer, on paperwork, or from the seller, please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see what your options are for registration.

Trailer Weight

Determining the combined weight of the boat and trailer for safe towing considerations.

Meeting the trailer weight requirements for registration in your home state (regulations may vary).

To assist you, here is a general overview of trailer weight ranges provided for informational purposes only. Please note that these ranges are not precise measurements of your trailer's weight.

For an accurate measurement of your specific trailer's weight, we recommend utilizing a certified scale. Ensure that the boat is not loaded onto the trailer when weighing. Certified scales can often be found at truck stops and locations listed on RV-related websites. Please be aware that fees may apply for using these scales.

2,200 - 3,000 lbs
2,200 - 6,000 LBS
2,200 - 9,200 lbs