For a worry-free journey to and from the lake, proper trailer maintenance is essential. Genesis Trailers, Inc. understands the significance of keeping your trailer in top condition. That's why we've compiled expert tips to help you maintain its performance. Trust our guidance to maximize safety and enjoy a smooth ride.

On The Road

Before every trip with your trailer, be sure to check the following:

Tires are properly inflated.

Coupler is latched and pin/lock in place.

Safety chains are secure - always crisscross the chains under the tongue.

All lights are working properly.

Lug nuts are at the correct torque.

Boat is secured to the trailer at bow and transom. Use the bow eye safety chain.

at the ramp

Check the boat's drain plug before launching.

To avoid scrapes and dings to your vehicle, boat, and trailer, ask for assistance when backing down ramps or parking.

When backing a trailer, put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and move it in the direction you want your trailer to go. Use your mirrors.

At the ramp, a good rule of thumb is to back the trailer into the water until the rear of the support system is in the water. For roller trailers, until the rear roller is in the water. For bunk trailers, a couple feet of the bunk system. This helps with centering as you load.


Remove tie-downs

Keep winch line and bow-eye safety chain hooked to watercraft.

Drain plugs installed

Fuel line is connected and pressurized

If equipped with incandescent lights, unplug trailer wiring from vehicle.

Outboard or stern drive is raised.

Tie docking lines to the boat